My Story…

Driving passengers makes me feel like I’m paying it forward and lets me shine with service excellence. Customer Service is my top priority and gives me the opportunity to make someone’s day.

I partnered with a previous Rideshare platform on 01/04/2019 to service the Butler, PA community. I wanted a platform with a low-cost opportunity to become part of the rideshare community.

In May 2019 I jumped onto another platform that was more popular for our area to yet serve an expanded portion of our community not only to enhance my own business model but to enhance the riders experience.

Driver Statistics…

3 Time Platinum Driver
2034+ Lifetime rides
5 star Driver
Friendly, Good Driver
Clean Car, Excellent Service
Great Conversation, Above & Beyond

Goingmy provides a cost savings service, reduces stress and improved air quality by making smart commuter choices. helps you find an alternative to driving alone that fits your lifestyle.

Taking advantage of allows commuters to quickly and securely find a transportation option that matches your needs based on proximity, destination and travel route, as well as schedule. is an easy way to get around when you are looking for service that takes you door-to-door. is an ADA service.

April 2020
Joined the Food Delivery Service.

Disaster struck in our region so in March 2020, as our community started its suffering journey due to the Coronavirus, I initiated a private food delivery service to help our community with essential services.

In September 2020, my business model changed therefore, my partners changed on the platform as I joined with Hire Fare.

Additionally, in September 2020, Cash App joined as a partner to provide an option for contactless payment and ease of access to pay for rideshare services being offered by

Also, in September 2020, Square also joined as a partner to enhance the current options for contactless payment and ease of access to pay for the rideshare service being offered by